Support art and be smart!

Here’s an idea akin to the book club but much more fun!

1 – Get together with friends (bring wine) and read Shakespeare‘s play Macbeth aloud. If you’ve never read aloud with others, I highly recommend you give it a try! Here’s a link to the play:

2 – Take your friends to the reception and advance screening of the new movie Macbeth on November 15 at the Rialto Theater. (There will be wine.) It’s an old-fashioned Hollywood feeling theater that on this day will be filled with art, film, literature and ballet enthusiasts. Here’s a link to the details:

3 – Take your friends to see the world premiere of the highly anticipated new ballet Macbeth by Carolina Ballet director Dr. Robert Weiss in April 2016. (Meet early for wine.) Here’s a link to Carolina Ballet’s Macbeth:

4 – Get together with your friends (bring wine) to discuss the original play, the film, and the ballet adaptions.

If you love literature or film but have little or no experience with ballet, this is a great way to step into a new world of beautiful art, athleticism and storytelling!

Do it!

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