Carolina Ballet – The Four Temperaments

This program is my favorite kind: five short ballets with simple costuming and nothing on the stage but the dancers.

I shot these with my 50 prime. They would all have turned out better if I had used a bigger lens, but experimentation is fun and sometimes fruitful.

I love the theme for The Double. The idea that everyone might have a double is an intriguing one, as Robert Weiss mentions in his program notes. My first thought when I saw the title was about a book by the same name by my favorite author, Jose Saramago. I recommend the ballet and the book.

The dancers, Alicia Fabry and Alyssa Pilger, did look remarkably alike on the stage. They danced alone and together, but when they danced together it was as if it was by chance, like they were moving around independently, each in her own space. The contrast between the bright light and complete darkness was striking.

This black and white ballet, Grosse Fuge, was also choreographed by Robert Weiss. I love the lines and movement of the contrasting colors and light.

For The Four Temperaments choreographed by George Balanchine the dancers wore black leotards and pink tights with a thin belt. This is standard ballet class attire, designed to ensure that no technical errors are hidden, and it is a perfect costume for choreography showcasing skill and technique.

Read this first hand account of dancing the role of Choleric in The Four Temperaments by Cecilia Iliesiu, Carolina Ballet soloist (pictured above) and blogger, at Twirling Terpshichorean.

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