Here and Now: NC Dances at ADF

Here are some photos of beautiful work by North Carolina Artists. Renee Aumiller’s piece was inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road, wich I’ve never read and although it’s on my shelf I most likely never will. But I have read about it, things such as “… ashen, post-apocolyptic landscape…” and “… wanders about in the forest … transformation and rebirth.” I saw those things in the performance and I see it in the photos. There was a freshness mixed with the melancholy. Maybe I will read the book.

Gaspard Louis’s Annatations is a sequel to Souke, which I photographed in a studio rehearsal last year. Souke and Annatations are both breezy and athletic. What  love about Louis’s work is the way the people interact with each other. Dancers tug, push, lift and literally depend on one another for support in lots of ways. There’s a lot of trust between the dancers so they perform as a tight group.

Diego Carrasco Schoch created A Place Apart, a beautiful duet set to the first movement of Moonlight Sonata. I always find it refreshing when non-romantic love is celebrated as warm and fulfilling, and the choreographer and the dancers portrayed the love and support of friendship perfectly. The dancers themselves were beautiful, and the song is one of the most beautiful ever made. The non-literal, non-lyrical interpretation of the music accentuated each note on the piano. I just loved it. Listen to the music while you look at the pictures, please. 

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