More on Carolina Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty

Everyone’s favorite menace to society…

I tried to get a shot of him on the ground but I wasn’t fast enough.

I saw this ballet three times including the dress rehearsal, and three times Margaret Severin-Hansen was as close to perfection as I’ve seen. Never a wobble during the balances in attitude (pictured below) and always pixie-light. She’s a beautiful example of something that sets ballet apart from other athletic endeavors – she performs feats of amazing strength with no visible tension in her body, maintaining composure while doing extreme things – the definition of grace. I loved her coy suspense building movements like the resistance in her leg as she folded it in from the side to passe… or hopped casually across the floor on one toe, took a break and then started again.

There are so many great women’s roles in this ballet. I love all the fairies’ fast hops and runs on their toes. Speaking of grace and composure under extreme circumstances, Randi Osetek has the highest everything, arabesque, passe, etc., without any appearance of effort.

And the boys were good, too. The princes could all use advice on where to point the sword when there’s a villain in the room, but their dancing was spot on. Yevgeny Shlapko has a unique style and charming quirkiness that I always enjoy.

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