Faye Driscoll at ADF – You’re Me

You’re Me is a surprising, outrageous and fearless duet featuring Driscoll and Jesse Zarritt. Watching the literal disintegration of image, relationship and sanity was disturbing and provocative. I assumed the title, You’re Me, was a person speaking to a partner, but somewhere in the the middle of the performance I felt it was me (or any person in the audience) the title was meant to address. Driscoll’s expression suggested she was aware and in control of audience captivity and discomfort. In the end she seemed to have become the observer. I was an unwitting participant in a sadomasochistic dark comedy. I want to go again!

IMG_2090 IMG_2190 IMG_2309 IMG_2364 IMG_2377 IMG_2429 IMG_2499

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