Carolina Ballet – Monet Impressions

Carolina Ballet’s current program, Monet Impressions presents two original ballets inspired by paintings by French impressionist painter Claude Monet. Picnic on the Grass, choreographed by principal guest choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett, is an extroverted ballet, as cheerful as a dance number in a Broadway show. Taylor-Corbett gives Monet’s subjects in Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe lives that … Continue reading Carolina Ballet – Monet Impressions

Heidi Latsky Dance at the American Dance Festival

Heidi Latsky Dance opened their "Triptych" Sunday with "Somewhere," dressed in all white, under hanging lights that lit the stage like stars, some dangling lower and some shining brighter, standing on a surface of wide black and white stripes. They started moving without music, holding stillness then springing into motion simultaneously. Atonal music created by … Continue reading Heidi Latsky Dance at the American Dance Festival